KJLA Public File
FCC Public File for KJLA-DTV 57/49 Ventura, Los Angeles, CA


Frequently asked questions

What is the public file?
The most complete answer is available at the FCC website in a document titled “the Public and Broadcasting”, here is the link to the document.The FCC states” Our rules require all TV and radio stations and applicants for new stations to maintain a file available for public inspection containing documents relevant to the station’s operation. The public inspection file generally must be maintained at the station’s main studio (and on the stations website).”

What is the on-line version all about?
As of 2007-8 the FCC mandated stations to post the public file on there websites.

Is there any difference Between the on-line version and the physical file?
Yes. Not all letters addressed to the station are required to be posted. The political file is not required to be posted. Also many notes and items that are not required to legally be in the public file may exist in the physical file for clarity.

What format are the documents?
Adobe Acrobat .PDF files. The reader can be downloaded for free but most likely your computer already has the reader.
Some of the files are rather large in file size, a broadband internet connection is recommended.

Is the public file the only requirement a station has?
No. There is a long list of requirements. The best introduction to this is the document “The Public and Broadcasting”

Is the public file material dated?
Yes. Certian documents are required to be kept for a certian time. Also the file is updated quarterly and as often as needed to keep the file current.

00. About the Public File
01. License
02. Applications +
03. Citizen Agreements
04. Contour Maps
05. FCC Investigation
06. Ownership Reports
07. List of Contracts
08. Political File
09. Employment Reports
10. Public and Broadcasting
11. Letters
12. Issues / Programs List
13. Childrens Programming
14. Childrens Commercials
15. Brokerage Agreements
16. List of Donors
17. Public Notice
18. Must-Carry
19. Engineering and Other
20. DTV Consumer Education
21. EEO Regulations for Broadcasters

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