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FCC Public File for KJLA-DTV 57/49 Ventura, Los Angeles, CA

02. Applications and Related Materials

Applications and Related Materials. The Public file must contain copies of all applications filed with the FCC that are still pending before either the FCC or the courts. These include applications to sell the station (technically know as “assigning” or “transferring” the license) or to modify its facilities (For example, to increase power, change the antenna system, or change the transmitter location). Also, the station must keep copies of any construction or sales application whose grant required us to waive our rules. Applications that required a waiver, together with any related material, will reflect the particular rule(S) that we waived. The station must also keep renewal applications that we granted for less than a full license term until final grant of their next renewal application. We may grant such short-term renewals when we are concerned about the station’s performance over the previous term. These concerns will be reflected in the renewal-related material in the public file.

To see a current list of all KJLA DTV FCC applications please visit this link at the FCC website:

At the link above you may also view and print applications, or click on info to find topic of application.

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