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FCC Public File for KJLA-DTV 57/49 Ventura, Los Angeles, CA

18. Must-Carry

Must-Carry or Retransmission Consent Election.

There are two ways that a broadcast TV station can choose to be carried on a cable TV system: “must-carry” and “retransmission consent.”

Must-Carry. All TV stations are generally entitled to be carried on cable television systems in their local markets. A station that chooses to exercise this right receives no compensation from the cable system.

Retransmission. Instead of exercising their “must-carry” rights, commercial TV stations may choose to receive compensation from a cable system in return for granting permission to the cable system to carry the station. This option is available only to commercial TV stations.

Every three years, commercial TV stations must decide whether their relationship with each local cable system will be governed by must-carry or by retransmission consent agreements. Each commercial station must keep a copy of its decision in the public file for the three-year period to which it pertains.
Noncommercial stations are not entitled to compensation in return for carriage on a cable system, but they may request mandatory carriage on the system. A noncommercial station making this request must keep a copy of the request in the public file for the duration of the period to which it applies.

Adelphia SoCal 09.14.2005
Cablevision 09.19.2005
Cablevision of Blythe 09.08.2005
Catalina Cable TV 09.08.2005
Charter Communications 09.09.2005
Comcast Cable 09.09.2005
Cox Cable 09.08.2005
Direct TV 09.14.2005
Direct TV2 09.14.2005
Echostar 10.11.2005
First Anual Toy Drive
MFP 06.09.2005
MFP 07.21.2005
MFP 08.13.2005
MFP 10.03.2005
MFP 04.03.2006
MFP 04.11.2006
MFP 05.22.2006
MFP 2007
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Time Warner 09.08.2005

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